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  • No : 221
  • Publish Date and Time : 2018/10/16 18:31
  • Revised Date and Time : 2018/10/22 12:33
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Can I cancel my reservation?

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You can check using My Page or the Checking, Changing, or Canceling Your Reservation page.
・My Page 
・Checking, Changing, or Deleting Your Reservation 
■ When placing a reservation using online card payment:
When the day of the reservation is different from the day cancellation procedures are taken, there may be times when the settlement of the payment and the refund of the payment does not occur during the same month.
The payment, minus the cancellation fee, will be returned at a later date through the credit card company you used. If you have placed a reservation and it is not displayed, then the cause could be communication trouble.
If you receive an error message or another kind of warning and cannot cancel,
we apologize for the inconvenience, but please telephone the hotel.
If you contact the hotel by email or the Inquiry Form, it might take time to confirm.

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